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TJ's dreams of launching CubeSats into space started in 2006 with the TJ Nanosatellite Club. In 2013, the school launched the very first CubeSat designed by students, TJ3 Sat into space. After 3 years, the next generation of students decided to try again and began work on TJREVERB in 2016. The students applied for NASA’s CubeSat launch initiative and secured their ride to space. After 4 years of development, the pandemic halted all activities and decimated the team, nearly ending TJ's dream of space. Upon returning to school, a new team of dedicated students refused to let the dream of space die. After a year of hard work, late nights and pizza, the CubeSat was completed and ready for integration. While the team was excited by their accomplishments, they did not want the project to end. They reformed TJ Nanosatellite Club as TJ Space in order to pursue many incredible aerospace projects in addition to nanosatellites, such as high-altitude balloons, custom transceivers, an optical spectrometer gimbal, and CubeSat simulators. TJ Space brings students together with incredible mentors and resources to train the next generation of aerospace leaders.


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Identifying and Overcoming Challenges in High School CubeSat Programs
By: Lucas Ribeiro, Zichang Wang, Khoi Dinh, Nicolas Makovnik, Aarush Sivanesan, Kareem Jaber, Nikhil Kalidasu
TJREVERB A High School CubeSat Story
By: Khoi Dinh, Kristen Kucko, Nikhil Kalidasu, Nicolas Makovnik, Alan Hsu, Zichang Wang, Lucas Ribeiro, Jin S. Kang
Note: IEEE does not consider this to be a form of prior publication
Simulating Iridium Satellite Coverage for CubeSats in Low Earth Orbit
By: Liam David and Anonto Zaman
Finding TJREVERB: A Crowdsourced Effort to Find a High School CubeSat
By: Kristen Kucko, Zichang (Amanda) Wang, Arthur Prudius, Khoi Dinh, Pranav Vadde, Anieesh Saravanan, Lucas Ribeiro, Kiran Donnelly, Alan Hsu
Simulating Iridium Satellite Coverage for CubeSats in Low Earth Orbit
By: Liam David and Anonto Zaman

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