Mission Statement

The TJ REVERB project is creating a best practice document for building a Nanosatellite while building a 2U CubeSat that compares multiple radio systems in Lower Earth Orbit. Additionally, TJ REVERB serves as an educational vehicle for teaching students the principles of systems engineering. Beyond the rich learning experience designing and constructing a satellite provides the students at Thomas Jefferson HSST, the team is committed to a robust local, national, and international outreach program.


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Our team

Kristen Kucko,
Principal Investigator

Liam West,
CAD Lead
TJ '20

Shreepa Parthaje,
Flight Software Sub-Lead
TJ '21

Ayush Rautwar,
Project Manager
TJ '21

Jacob Consalvi,
Communications Lead
TJ '21

Jason Chen,
Flight Software Sub-Lead
TJ '21

Ankit Khandelwal,
Electronics Lead
TJ '21

Akash Bhave,
Ground Software Lead
TJ '21

Srikar Gouru,
Flight Software Sub-Lead
TJ '21

Anup Bagali,
Flight Software Lead
TJ '21

Soham Gandhi,
TJ '21

Vasav Nair,
Electronics Sub-Lead
TJ '21


We are grateful for our fantastic partners and the mentors they have given us

Avian Technologies

Global Space Exchange, Inc.


Thank you for making this project possible


NAL Research

Apollo Level

Antonio Arancibia
Dana Cibulski
David Boyd
Mohammad Choudhry
Paul Jaffe
Pradeepa Jayakumar
The Trissell Family

Gemini Level

Jacob Cohen
Mary and Tim Keegan

Mercury Level

Joy Bostian
Thomas Baron