Current Team

I keep them out of trouble

Kristen Kucko
Principal Investigator

Subjectively an objectively hard working passionate satellite builder/designer who doesn't know when to stop

Pranav Vadde
CAD Supreme Leader
TJ '24

I hate my picture

Aarush Sivanesan
TJ '22

Real groundstation lead ;)

Keith Frazer
TJ '22

Python is a functional language

Nikhil Kalidasu
Project Manager
TJ '22

I am the guy who did the electronics

Alan Hsu
Electronics Colead
TJ '23

Ok it's not serious

Anieesh Saravanan
Programming amd Groundstation
TJ '25

"A person."

Kirahn Don Le
TJ '24

Did literally everything overall "cool guy"
Pizza Lead

Kareem Jaber
Electronics Colead
TJ '22

I did programming and some other random stuff

Nicolas Makovnik
Programming and Groundstation Colead
TJ '23

How did I get here

Arthur Prudius
Electronics and Groundstation Colead
TJ '24

Worked on the groundstation and programming subsystems of TJREVERB

Edward Li
Programming and Grounstation Colead
TJ '22

I'll come up with something

Khoi Dinh
Programming Colead
TJ '24

I'll think about it

Amanda Wang
Logistics Colead
TJ '24

Oversaw final assembly and testing of TJREVERB. Will be pursuing an aerospace engineering degree from Purdue University.

Liam West
CAD Colead
TJ '22

i like cad

Viraj Bala
CAD Colead
TJ '23

Former Pizza Lead

Lucas Ribeiro
Logistics Colead
TJ '23


TJ '21

Akash Bhave

Ankit Khandelwal

Ayush Rautwar

Jason Chen

Srikar Gouru

Vasav Nair

Anup Bagali

Soham Ghandi

Jacob Consalvi

Shreepa Parthaje


We are grateful for our fantastic partners and the mentors they have given us

Avian Technologies

Global Space Exchange, Inc.


Thank you for making this project possible


NAL Research

Apollo Level

Antonio Arancibia
Dana Cibulski
David Boyd
Mohammad Choudhry
Paul Jaffe
Pradeepa Jayakumar
The Trissell Family

Gemini Level

Jacob Cohen
Mary and Tim Keegan

Mercury Level

Joy Bostian
Thomas Baron