Mission Statement

The TJREVERB team built a 2U CubeSat that evaluates the signal connectivity of the Iridium Radio alongside the ISS' orbit. Additionally, TJREVERB served as an educational vehicle for teaching students the principles of systems engineering.

Mission Type
Educational Outreach
On-Board Computer Raspberry Pi Zero
Deployer NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer
Launch Vehicle SpaceX Falcon 9 (CRS-26) (ElaNa 49)
Spacecraft Cargo Dragon C209-2
Launch Mission SpaceX CRS-24
Launch Date 26 November 2022
ISS Deployment Date 29 December 2022
Frequency 437.365 MHz
Orbit 400 km, 51.6 deg, ISS
Up/Downlink 145.825 MHz
Modulation 1200 baud AFSK
Deviation +/- 5 kHz
A World's First for High Schoolers

TJ Space is one of 12 high-school teams throughout the world currently working on satellites; however, we are the only team to have fully built a satellite from the ground up.


Learn about our CubeSat

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Vibration Test

TJ REVERB underwent its vibration testing on May 24, 2022. Here, REVERB was taken to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, and subjected to the same types of vibration it would later experience during launch, and the satellite was inspected to ensure no parts came loose. REVERB passed the test.

Fit Test

TJ REVERB underwent its fit testing on May 23, 2022. Here, REVERB was put into the NanoRacks CubeSat deployer to ensure all requirements are met before the Vibration Test. The satellite was inspected to be structurally sound. REVERB passed the test.

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  • Q4 2016

    Team Created

    TJREVERB was started by students at TJ.

  • 2017

    Plan mission and design CubeSat

    TJREVERB's original mission was planned out. 3D modelling started alongside electronic part design.

  • Q1+2 2018

    Part Ordering

    The TJREVERB team ordered relevant off the shelf electronic components individually.

  • Q3 2018 - Q1 2020

    Flatsat and Preliminary Testing

    Temporary flatsat was assembled and software testing began.

  • Q2 2020 - Q4 2020

    Work Paused by Pandemic

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, work on TJREVERB was paused.

  • Q1 2021 - Q2 2021

    Nikhil Strikes Back

    As TJREVERB was rebuilding after the long hiatus caused by the pandemic, our project manager Nikhil Kalidasu brought radical changes and pushed the project forward.

  • Q2 2021 - Q1 2022

    Post Pandemic

    After the pandemic, the TJREVERB team worked hard to overcome knowledge gap. The team rebuilt the software from scratch, redesigned elecronic components, changed the mission's goal, and began meeting NASA's deadlines.

  • 5/24/2022

    Vibe Check

    The team went to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis to complete the required vibration test, with the help of Dr. Jin Kang (pictured).

  • 7/20-21/2022

    Integration in Houston

    The team integrated TJREVERB at Nanoracks LLC, making it officially ready to go to space

  • 11/21/2022


    TJ Space was awarded the Innovative STEM Student Program of the Year by NCSSS and Best Presentation at the Young Professionals Student and Educators Conference

  • 11/21/2022


    TJREVERB is officially launching on the SpaceX CRS-26 mission, marking the end for this incredible project


We are grateful for our fantastic partners and the mentors they have given us

Avian Technologies

Global Space Exchange, Inc.


Thank you for making this project possible


NAL Research

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Antonio Arancibia
Dana Cibulski
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