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Club Today
2 years ago

Hey all,

I know we haven't had club for a while due to some conflicts with Latin, but we'll be starting back up today. Make sure to come since we have some important things to discuss regarding upcoming events!

TJ Cubing Officers

First Rubik's Club Meeting of 2019-2020!
2 years ago

Hello everybody!


First meeting are hectic as always, but we successfully tried out the new "competition simulation" (compsim) program. Results of the first week can be found here (we may give rewards in the future!).

In general, you can find all cube club information on the website, including algorithms, upcoming WCA competitions, and even lectures.


You can make an account on this site associated your ION login and tie it to your WCA account. Check the rankings for a list of all TJ students and records for TJ's best ever results (or try to beat them yourself).

If for any reason you want off this list, by the way, email this email address with the subject "UNSUBSCRIBE" [sic].


Rubik's Cube Club Officers

Birth of a Newsletter
2 years ago

First Post!

by Stephen Huan

No date necessary because it is stored by the system! To see an archive of past emails, go here.


I once wondered what Alexander Graham Bell must have felt when he made the first ever phone call. Now, I wonder no longer. Gentlemen, we stand at the birth of a nation. If TJHSST's Postorius system will not work anymore, then we will make our own system! Not even the folks at our own Computer Team have a working email list. Not even (web)Dev club has its own working website.

TJ Cubing is henceforth its own sovereign nation, dependent on no one. Suppose Director goes down. No problem! The code is open source and not tied to any proprietary system.

What This Is

The purpose of this newsletter and the frequency of posts has not been determined yet. It may become similar to Jayden Mcneill's newletter, a staple among fast cubers. This system may also replace or supplement Facebook posts as an open mechanism to deliver information.


"We choose to go to the Moon cube in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard."

Join us in a mission of constant self-improvement.