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About Us

Namaste is a cultural club at Thomas Jefferson High School for science and Technology which seeks to educate people about Indian culture through fun and exciting mediums. Come eat Indian food, learn how to dance, watch Indian movies, and just chill!

You can get involved in Namaste through 8th period meetings and special events including International Night, Bhangra Bash, J-Day, and other monthly events. Everyone is welcome to participate in Namaste's activities, Indians and non-Indians alike!

8th Period

8th period is unique to TJ, and is a free period to get involved with clubs. Namaste meets weekly during Friday B-Block of 8th period. As I-Nite approaches, we meet during extra 8th period blocks every week to practice for Namaste dances.

Our Commitment

We want to make sure that you have a great experience with TJ Namaste, and have fun learning about Indian culture. Our goal is to discourage stereotypes while enjoying the quirks and differences of India. If you feel that we are not accurately educating people about India, please do not hesitate to contact us.