TJ IOI 2022

TJHSST's very own high school programming contest.

  • Join students across the world in a fun, challenging programing competition.
  • Compete individually for some sick prizes!
  • Whether you're a beginner or seasoned veteran, we're sure you'll learn something new!

Registration closes in 02:01:01:02


The contest will be held on CodeForces. Please join the group.



  • Any language supported by CodeForces is supported in this contest: (C++, Java, Python, etc.)
  • Prewritten code can be used, as well as online resources. Competitors, however, are not allowed to collaborate outside of their team.
  • All input will be read through standard input, and output should be done through standard output.


  • Problems will range from USACO Bronze level to USACO Platinum level.
  • Rankings will be determined by the number of problems solved. Tiebreakers will be broken by penalties (incorrect submissions and time submitted).


  • The Top 3 pre-college participants will receive Amazon gift cards!
  • 1st place ($50)
  • 2nd place ($20)
  • 3rd place ($10)

The Team

This contest would not be possible without the efforts of TJ's computer team, and other members of the Competitive Programming community.

  • Kevin ShanOrganizer and Problem Setter
  • Andrew Wang Problem Setter
  • Danny Mittal Tester
  • Benjamin Qi Tester
  • Ray BaiProblem Setter
  • Daniel ZengProblem Setter
  • Jesse ChoeProblem Setter and Web Developer
  • Johnny LiuProblem Setter and Web Developer
  • Daniel QiuWeb Developer
  • Sol SongProblem Setter
  • Arnav JainProblem Setter
  • Hyunjae ChungLogistics Assistant
  • Alvan Caleb ArulanduWeb Developer


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TJIOI is proud partners with TeamsCode and CP Initiative