TJ IOI 2024

TJHSST's very own high school programming contest.

Date: Saturday May 11

  • Join students across the world in a fun, challenging programing competition.
  • Compete in teams for some sick prizes!
  • Whether you're a beginner or seasoned veteran, we're sure you'll learn something new!

Registration closes in 02:01:01:02


The contest will be held in-person on Saturday, May 11 at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology from 9:30am to 4:00pm EDT, open to anyone. You can participate in teams of up to 3 with one computer.

Each team attending in-person will need to pay a $20 registration fee, regardless of how many members. Additionally, each team not from TJHSST must be registered with an adult sponsor or chaperone. The team sponsor must stay in the building for whole contest time and may proctor the contest.

We will accept the first 24 teams to register and the remainder will be waitlisted.

An online mirror will be held at the same time as the in-person contest for those who cannot attend in-person. The mirror will not be subject to the same rules and restrictions as the in-person competition. Register at this link.

If you have any questions or concerns, email us at


9:30-10:00 Arrival and check-in
10:00-11:30 Set-up, opening ceremony, practice round, etc.
11:30-12:30 Lunch (provided)
12:30-3:30 Coding time
3:30-4:00 Award ceremony

After you register, we will use email to communicate specific details and logistics.


  • For the in-person contest, our grader will support C++ 14, Java 17.0.10, and Python 3.8.10. The information on how to access the website will be provided the day of the contest.
  • All input will be read through standard input, and output should be done through standard output.


  • Problems will range from USACO Bronze level to USACO Platinum level.
  • Rankings will be determined by the number of problems solved. Tiebreakers will be broken by penalties (incorrect submissions and time submitted).
  • Each team can either use a personal laptop or a desktop we provide.
  • The only software allowed is our grader to submit code and a development environment to type and test code.
  • Communication between non-team members and unauthorized use of the internet will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Students are allowed to bring school and personal laptops, chargers, written reference material, paper, and writing utensils.


  • The top 3 pre-college teams attending in-person will receive prizes (TBD)!

There may be prizes for those attending online.

The Team

This contest would not be possible without the efforts of the TJ Computer Team and other members of the competitive programming community.

  • Gabriel XuProblem Setter, Organizer, Web Developer
  • Munir Kudrati-PlummerProblem Setter, Organizer
  • Avnith VijayramProblem Setter, Organizer
  • Johnny LiuProblem Setter, Organizer, Web Developer
  • Daniel QiuProblem Setter, Organizer, Web Developer
  • Avni GargOrganizer
  • Marina LinOrganizer
  • Samarth BhargavOrganizer
  • Vishal NandakumarOrganizer
  • Danny MittalTester
  • Kevin ShanTester



If you are interested in sponsoring us, read this packet and reach out to

teamcode cpinit


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