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A major concern at TJ is the under-representation of female students in the robotics, electronics, optics, computer systems, and energy systems tech labs. TWIST hopes to increase female enrollment in traditionally underrepresented labs and inspire girls to pursue careers in these fields.


TWIST hosts Techstravaganza, an annual science fair, in which teachers and high school students interact with over a thousand elementary and middle school students. Click here to learn more about Techstravaganza, or visit our Techstrav website

We <3 STEM

TWIST spreads the love for science, math, and technology!


  • 2001

    TWIST is born

    Lauren Tozzi (Class of '02) finds TWIST. As part of our SGA (Student Government Association), Lauren created the position of Women's Issues Specialist. This soon evolved to a counsil of students from all four grade levels called the Treatment of Women's Issues in Science and Technology. TWISTS's first goals: To form links with the three women's clubs at our school: Keyettes, GEMS (mentoring middle school girls) and WISE (mentoring elementary school girls). Second goal: Conducted discussion groups with the faculty to hear their concerns and tried to improve ways to get women to become more involved in STEM using their input

  • 2001-2002


    SophShop: A sophomore workshop is organized in 2001-2002 to introduce girls to all the various Senior Research labs.

  • 2002-2003


    Froshop gave freshmen the opportunity to explore the Senior Research lab options.

  • Now


    Annual Techstravaganza science fair for elementary and middle school students: This event has become very successful in previous years reaching over a thousand kids this year (2016- present). Other mentoring clubs and volunteers at TJ ran booths with hands-on experiments to spark the interests of future scientists. We hosted a panel of speakers who shared their career experiences and the influence that science and technology have had in their lives.


Every year, TWIST hosts an event called Techstravaganza that is intended for elementary and middle school students to be engaged in STEM activities.

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Thank you to our teacher sponsor, Dr. Del Cerro, who has supported TWIST this year.

Additional thanks goes to all of our Techstravaganza 2016 sponsors: TJ PSTA , Council for Biotechnology Information , Fairfax Collegiate , and Zolon

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