The IMO (Intermediate Math Open) is a contest that the TJ math team holds for middle schools in the Washington DC area. Schools that apply are accepted on a first-come first-served basis, and each school sends 7 students, but no two of them will be on the same team. We are limited to 220 students. We mix students up so that all teams are fairly even. The contest will begin with an individual round, after which students will meet in teams of 6 to be coached by TJ students before the afternoon rounds. The afternoon rounds consist of a power round, where teams will tackle harder problems, a team round, where these teams of 6 will collaborate on a set of harder questions, a guts round, where the teams submit answers to sets of progressively more difficult questions, and an orienteering round, where students have to go around the school and answer math questions as they go along from room to room. The contest will be concluded with an awards ceremony where winners are recognized - parents are invited.

This year's IMO will take place on November 14, 2015.
Registration will be $10. Registration can be found at this link

Some of the problems from IMO 2KX are made available below.

2010 TJIMO:
Individual Round[Solutions]
Power Round[Solutions]
Team Round[Solutions]
Guts Round[Solutions]