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About TJ Quizbowl

The purpose of TJ Quizbowl is to foster learning of all academic subjects through competition. We hold practices on Wednesdays 8B and Fridays 8B. Players of all skill levels are welcome.

Practices are Wednesday and Friday B block, and Monday and Friday during lunch. There may be supplemental practices prior to important tournaments. Practices typically consist of reading past tournament questions. We have two rooms for eighth period - a novice room, which reads easier questions, and a more experienced room. We usually read college level questions at lunch practice.

Tournaments are of varying difficulty: novice, regular, and national. TJ often sends multiple teams to a tournament, designated A, B, C, etc. They’ll almost always be within driving distance of TJ - campuses in Maryland or Virginia - although we do sometimes venture farther.

Novice tournaments are designed for new high school players, and are restricted to those who have not attended a national tournament. They typically have easier questions and opponents.

Regular-season tournaments are open to everyone, from novices to the most experienced. We don’t make cuts for these tournaments - register in time and you will play.

National tournaments… the most prestigious tournaments in high school Quizbowl. They last an entire weekend and often require long-distance travel. Our team attends two national tournaments: NAQT’s High School National Championship Tournament and PACE’s National Scholastic Championship. The fee for national tournaments will be calculated by officers, and depend on club finances, travel fees, and registration fees.

To select teams as fairly as possible, officers consider the following: past performance at tournaments (with harder tournaments carrying more weight), past nationals experience, staffing at our two tournaments (expounded below), and practice attendance. Tryouts may take place for national tournaments. Every year, we host three tournaments of our own: the Thomas Jefferson Novice Academic Tournament (TJNAT), the Thomas Jefferson Middle School Tournament (TJMST) and the Thomas Jefferson Invitational Academic Tournament (TJIAT) . Members can staff these tournaments for community service hours. The tournaments serve as fundraising events and valuable outreach opportunities. Staffers may choose to read questions, scorekeep, or sell concessions.

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Tournament Signups

Discord Reading Signups

Our Discord reading signups for summer practices have officially ended. Take a look below to see our current practice schedule!

Tuesdays @8pm: Novice QB practice

Saturdays @5pm: Upperclassmen-focused QB practice

Wednesdays @8pm: HB practice

Officers of the 2020 - 2021 season

Co-Captain: Anuraag Kaashyap (2021)

Co-Captain: Kevin Zhang (2021)

Treasurer: Vishal Kanigicherla (2021)

Secretary: Elliot Lee (2022)

Webmaster: Stefan Calin (2021)

Public Relations Officer: Justin Chen (2022)

Tournament Director: Joshua Lian (2021)

Tournament Director: Pratyush Jaishanker (2022)




TJ Protobowl


What our alumni have to say about TJ Quizbowl

"Quizbowl was a very enjoyable activity because it allowed me to meet tons of interesting people with diverse interests who shared my passion for learning. It taught me how to work in a team setting and how to overcome obstacles." - Fred Zhang, Class of '19

"Read more books and be curious about the world around you, because Quizbowl is merely a means to an end. And try to get involved as a club officer, because that’s a learning experience that probably exceeds the game itself." - Benjamin Xu, Class of '19


HSNCT National Champions: '03, '04, '05, '08

PACE National Champions: '05, '18, '19

VHSL Scholastic Bowl AAA State Championship: '98, '99, '01, '02, '04, '05, '06, '08, '12, '13

VHSL Scholastic Bowl 5A State Championship : '16, '17

VHSL Scholastic Bowl Class 5 State Championship: '18

NAQT Virginia State Championship: '02, '05, '16, '17, '18

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