Beyond the rich learning experience of designing and constructing a satellite which TJREVERB provides to students at TJHSST, the program is committed to a robust local, national, and international outreach program. As part of this outreach program, we are creating a best practices document for amateur teams hoping to build a satellite, and allowing outreach partners to connect to our satellite and sent and recieve basic commands via Iridium.


TJ Space Program was able to present our work to over 100 local elementary and middle school students at TJHSST's own STEM symposium, Techstravaganza. We demonstrated how to use breadboards to build simple circuits, and taught our community more about the engineering and programming aspects of our project.

STEM Guided Tours

Partnering with the TJ Astronomy Lab to provide weekly tours and demonstrations to Middle and Elementary School students Planetarium show, interactive demonstrations of the satellite, and UAV projects, Hands-on Robotics Activity Generating interest and encouraging involvement through social media outreach


We are grateful for our fantastic partners and the mentors they have given us

Avian Technologies

Global Space Exchange, Inc.


Thank you for making this project possible


NAL Research

Apollo Level

Antonio Arancibia
Dana Cibulski
David Boyd
Mohammad Choudhry
Paul Jaffe
Pradeepa Jayakumar
The Trissell Family

Gemini Level

Jacob Cohen
Mary and Tim Keegan

Mercury Level

Joy Bostian
Thomas Baron